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commoner2000 commoner2000 66-70, M 2 Answers Sep 15, 2012 in Community

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Yes they have been revitalized by the new generation.<br />
I REALLY detest the ones that use Angels & that if you send the chain to so many friends, a great thing will happen at a certain time Tomorrow.<br />
I have decided that they prey upon the desperation of a broken heart & soul, so now I send it BACK TO THE SENDER with this message:<br />
"Dear SATAN, I am not interested in your PHONY messages and since you are the sender of FALSE HOPES, then this will come back to you in the most horrible way. Do not mistake this as I am 'hoping' bad things happen to you, it is more like, what YOU bring upon yourself."

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They are definitely manipulative, they play on people's emotions to try getting them to spam the net.
I detest them, and find myself getting nearly as ticked off with the forwarders who buy into some of them as the hoaxers themselves. In the case of these sappy angel glurges and "friendship/hugs/kisses" spam, gah!
Well, you can read what I have to sam about those here, along with smashes of just about every sappy chain forward I've come across or have been unfortunate enough to have received directly.
For more,

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They aren't quite as common via email, but they are rampant on blogs and social networks. Argh.

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