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Sazzio Sazzio 22-25, M 5 Answers Oct 29, 2011

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The audience were made to dislike the guy before the decisions started.....

The bloke was made out to be a player who had no respect for women, that he was full of himself AND that he loved a practical joke, no matter how far it went.

Suppose the guy had been introduced as the nicest guy you would ever wish to meet, someone who was a carer who was on his first night out in 6 months? or suppose someone who was terminally ill on his last night out do you think the audience would have been as mean to him?

Yes crowds can act in irrational and unthinking ways which 'we' individually would never act but DB's show had too much 'background' and the crowed were manipulated

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I tried to get into his stuff a few months ago, but it's too scripted and the "real people" are actually horrible actors who keep forgetting their lines. Check out "Darren Brown at the Dog Track" and you'll see him at his worst.

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I thought it was obvious and predictable - not as good as his usual stuff.

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Never heard of him.....What was the experiment?

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