I tried to go without HRT after a total hysterectomy and was fine for four months because i was stillhaving regular periods before my op and had hormone stored in my body. I then suffered a dreadful collapse with joint pains/brain zaps/terrible terrible anxiety/change of personality everything you can imagine-unable to sleep-had MRIs -tested for MS -eventually adrenal fatigue was mentioned<br />
Now on Estrogel gel and testosterone and so much better but still suffering low level constant headache and low mood every now and then. Also suffered fourth nerve palsy at this time-said it had decompensated but no sign of one before op. Probably need to try higher dose-getting on for 3 years and still not right. I would say never try Total hysterectomy without HRT-felt this should have been explained to me-seems as if you need very high dose-whole thing has been a nightmare-i only had a large fibroid-feel there must be a better way to treat this condition-I have been to hell and back-my life has changed from what it was-thanks to my great family i have not gone under -without them i don't think i would be here! I am now not anxious, my joints are fine and i feel much more like me.

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