Cause that's how I feel and I don't know that it will ever work out... :((
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i feel the same way. i have a man now who has takin so much bullshit from me then i have givin to anyone else and he still stands beside me. maybe stressed but he knows i am working on my problems and understands. but no i know if we didnt work i would find another. i will feel like my stomach and heart is being torn out if he ever left me. but the reason i love him so much is cause he taught me to be myself and never lie myself. no man is worth my life. so yes i feel i would die withut him and feel nothin is left. but the heart is way stronger than i thought! so just trust it. whne the time is right to leave you will know. if not stay strong and jump on here to talk with someone

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yup..feel like that often...but we have been working on some of the issues and he is putting one foot forward and making an effort....i dont know if it will last...but this couldnt hurt

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i am in that.. i love him to DEATH.. but being with him is so depressing sometimes. its like when were together everything is just PERFECT and im at my happiest but when we fight its the end of the world and he calls me things you dont even want to know...

but then you know hes the one.. and it HURTS that this is the way he's always going to act.. it sucks :[

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yes, although

i almost wish

it wasn't true

because i don't

see how it

can possibly

work out

still, there is


call it destiny



you want


you just know

it really isn't

even a choice


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I do, I do! He's not perfect but he's the one! I know it!

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