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My wife is looking for Real boyfriend types-not descrete hookups but guys she can enjoy thier company in& out of bed-public& private-Loves to be wined& dined as well as sex! she has the freedom to spend time with whom she chooses-when she chooses-where she chooses! As you can see from profile there is little she won't do to please if she likes& trusts you! But you have to be willing& able to spend time with her in& out of bed-not just show up for sex! Her limits sexually are-No toiletplay-no restraining her in ANYWAY- No real Pain for her- no kids or animals! If she has a good emotional conection with you you can leed her into just about any sexual fantisie you night have! She allso thinks that Fem me needs boyfriends(who want to treat me as a ****(not nice like she wants for herself)! Cuckhold Don
jettys jettys 56-60 Jun 20, 2012

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