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I had a huge crush on Cody in my art class, 10th grade. I never spoke to him then but was TOTALLY obsessed. I would draw his portrait, write his name on my binders, etc. But he had a gf and I was shy so nothing happened. Then I dropped out of school and I figured it was /really/ not going to happen. I pushed him to the back of my mind.

2 yrs later we're hanging at a hookah bar and he's there via mutual friends. We all had a great time, and I become Cody's middleman for weed deals. So naturally we'd hang out, listen to records, smoke down. We got friendly and I was SO stoked! But again, the gf.

So I had some shrooms and invited him over to trip with my friend and I. My friend passed out fast, so we were alone. Cody gave me a massage and we found out we like the same music. We listened to his ipod and talked. Eventually we moved to the floor and started cuddling. We could feel each others energy and it was just mind blowing. We made out there on the floor. He was still with the same gf from school so we agreed we should stop there and just be friends and not talk about it.

So much for that! Weeks passed and we could not stay apart. We'd go on little dates to cafes and bookstores. We'd sneak into his parents house and have sex and get really stoned. Meanwhile, the gf was in another state at college. Needless to say, **** hit the fan and he had to tell her and it was a MESS. But she agreed to take him back, and he figured that was best.

I said, "Love ya, bye! Maybe sometime in the future!" And I went travelling America for about 4 months. But I missed him. He was the first person I texted to say I'm coming home. "Awesome," he said, "I really need to talk to you. Can we meet at the cafe when you get home?" I agreed.

And he had a meltdown. He told me how things really weren't the same with the gf and he just didn't feel it. He said he was miserable, and he would do whatever it took to be with me. 30 minutes later he called her to dump her. And that was that! I waited around 2 months for him to finish his degree, then we bought greyhound tickets, hitch hiked america for a while, stayed in communes, had a blast, and moved to Portland, Oregon together.

That was over 2 years ago and we're happier than ever together. I couldn't ask for a better partner and can't believe that things actually worked out. :)

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oh god, i got carried away lol i type fast

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Gosh, such a beautiful story. My crush also has a gf. I wish u both a happy life together.

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Hey, anything can happen! Don't lose hope :D Thanks and all the best to you too.

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Yeah, but I want to maintain my expectation now. All the best :)

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it wouldn't be unspoken, then

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