So I have a male pug, he's 3 and he developed a cornea ulcer before Christmas. It started to get worse over time. His eye started to grow into a sort of cone shape(I know, not a pretty sight). I couldn't bring him to the vet's straight away because of lack of money but I did buy him some eye drops to fight off infection. So I finally brought him to the vets on Thursday and they gave me some lotion to put on his eye and a painkiller but they also told me he'd have to have his eye removed. I would really like a second opinion on this before I go ahead with the surgery just in care it can be saved. I plan on bringing him to another vets on Monday too. So if there is anyone out there that knows anything or possibly had a similar situation could you please comment and let me know? Thanks.
Jessie116 Jessie116 16-17, F Feb 8 in Health

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