Job Market here sucks and I need to start bringing in some cash somehow.
Micherella Micherella 31-35, F 7 Answers Jan 19, 2012

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I’ve been making money on CashCrate for 5 years now. It’s an easy way for people of all ages to make some extra spending cash. You work whenever you can, so it is great for high school students, college students, stay-at-home-moms, and everyone in between! CashCrate also has a great referral program, so you can make money even when you’re not online! You should give it a try! :)

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There is a learning curve to making money online, - like any new adventure... but once you have mastered that - it works. I have joined groups - and watched other progress and make money... My negative attitude - cynicism, doubt, and scepticism held me back.

Offline - I have joined a great network marketing opportunity - helping people express appreciation - and I have made money right from the start (first check was $5.00- but hey.. ) and have slowly worked at it since them growing all the time.

Ive done a lot of direct sales - carting stuff to parties etc.. but this one you can do online and offline.. so much easier. Dont want to push anything on you - just wanted to share some positive experiences...

If you do want to check them out feel free to contact me..

Or just go here - to find out more about online marketing... no obligations, -

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I don't know of anyone personally. I had a friend who was looking into mellaluca- her sponsor was strong arming her into it- telling her how much money she made- sounded good till you read the fine print- they require you to spend $40 a month EVERY month in order to stay in the loop. once your level drops below 40 you have to start over again- you have to recruit a bunch of people into it as well by selling "kits" at a whopping $186.00. (who in this economy has the money to spend $186.00 THEN $40 per month!) The only one making money are the ones in the upper levels. You would have to spend most of your waking hours just to cold call people all day on your phone with no income comming in for it. Another friend tried a company that said you didn't need a computer or know how to use one- they would "give" you one and personally assign u a teacher to walk you through. THe computer was charged to her credit card, and the personal trainer was a cd sent to her in the mail! Be very careful, they prey on the elderly and computer illiterate- they can tell you anything verbally- mostly it's LIES because they know that you would have a hard/impossible time proving it! Never answer an email saying you can make money at home 99.999%of those are scams. I told both of them not to do it- they didn't listen and were out thousands of dollars!

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I have yet to sell a mold yet all the ladies are wearing em-I think someone is stealing from meh!?-no.

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I do make money online.

i used to be wholesale,( sell products to shops), i advise my girlfriend to start selling my products online, instead of looking for a job, not even a month time past, and we realize the potential, now we have 8 years making money online, making lots more then most people, and barley working.

i helped some friends in real life and online sell online, they all made it.

if you need free help and advise, contact me , i don't have 24 hours a day to guide, but i will do my best spend as much time as i can with you, just serious people please.

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