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Ive been told by people who know me That i can't do it. but you know In America Your entitled to opportunity and success. People will want 2 see u fail, people will reject you, people will say you can't do it; but you know what, so what! go do it anyways with fear and all. In the end its up2 u to believe in urself first to make it happen and succeed in life.
Cheliz2420 Cheliz2420 31-35, F 6 Answers Nov 6, 2012 in Image & Weight

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Yes. I need some kind of motivation.

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Yes. Don't like heights so I did a tiger moth stunt flight. Was too shy so I did promotional modelling for a few yrs. Don't like people so I do endless volunteer work both locally and overseas...still don't like people, they're so needy. All you need in life is a beer and the football, when will people learn this.

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