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arrow91 arrow91 22-25, F 7 Answers Mar 13, 2012

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Yes, i fall asleep any where. on the bus, walking up the road. i've even ended up in the road but only being woken up by a car horn or someone grabbing me by the arm and dragging me out of the road. Can anyone help?

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Yes, but it's seasonal and well documented, known as SAD or Seasonally Affected Disorder. Usually hits me in bouts around spring like now. Two weeks ago I was all fresh and lecturing as normal as soon as I got home at 6pm I fell asleep on the sofa and dragged myself into bed half an hour later then woke up around 9pm fresh as a daisy again... same thing for a few more days, fell asleep at my desk in work for half an hour with no memory of tiredness, but I've had nothing for the past week or so and hopefully that's it until autumn comes around.

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yea but i can't sleep at night

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