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the devil--don't freak out. This one means a lack of self-control, excess or overindulgence, or being trapped in bad habits of lifestyle or even state of mind, and it also can mean materialism. In general, it means be more cautious and do what you know is right, do what you know you should.

the hanged man--this is not a negative card. It means to not fight against the current and to be receptive, do what you fear to gain wisdom, sacrifice on physical to gain on spiritual, giving up old ways that no longer serve you and doing a 180 to change your perspective on things and think in a different way, trading--exchanging one thing for another, also give up control and don't try to force or interfere with anything.

queen of swords--the queen of swords is like a judge, judging, objective, not affected by her emotions, cannot be fooled and very perceptive to see the truth, opinionated, has very high standards, tough and stoic, a quick learner, hides any bias

Queen of pentacles--like mother nature, the queen of pentacles is mothering, fertile, abundant, nurturing, loving, kind, and generous, having a wealthy bounty, and her concerns are in family and wealth. trustworthy and reliable, both practical and spiritual.

2 of pentacles--a change in finances is near. balance and moderation is another meaning, so you may have an extreme of something in your life that you need to balance out. You also may have several things going on at once and you have to balance your priorities and decide where to cut back or what to focus on.

8 of pentacles--hard work that is unrewarded until the very end, or work with no direct payoff, such as an internship. applying a new skill, practicing, learning. It may seem you are working for nothing but in actuality what you are doing is very important and will pay off later.

my interpretation: don't fight change, don't be extreme, change how you are looking at things

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Your future is fuzzy.

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3 of swords.

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yes the cards say that you are going to have a falling outwith your group and will have to stay away from them this will last for about a week before your eaten by a hawk sorry its not good news

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your future looks very dim.

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