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SunFlowerSunrise SunFlowerSunrise 18-21, F 3 Answers Jul 2, 2012

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He's no JFK = still alive and not worth assassinating.

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well its people like you who would will not stand with him .and because he's half black.and don't give me that sh-t this is not so.has rendered this country at a stale mate.he was pick on more than any democratic president in history. , I did not vote for the village Idiot bush.but did nothing to stand in his way to do his job no matter how fu-ked up he did this in a nut shell is my answer

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He tends towards being a socialist in general. His philosophy is the govt can and will help you. It's not what the US was formed on so he is meeting a lot of resistance. He's a nice guy personally. Not sure he projects the image of a superpower though.

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