(the / sign for me means Over. Ex: 8 1/2 is 8 and one over two and the --- marks seperates the Problem Number from the actuall Problem.There are spaces between the Whole number and the Fraction, and if it isint Obvious, the X is Multiplied by. like 6 X 4 is the same as 6+6+6+6) 1.-------2 1/5 X 9 7/10 = ? 2.-------1 1/4 X 2 2/3 = ? 3.-------14 2/3 X 2 1/2 = ? 4.------- 3 3/4 X 31 1/8 = ? 5.------- 45 1/3 X 8 1/9 = ? 6.-------210 1/2 X 4 1/3 7.-------7 1/3 X 3/4 = ? 8.-------3/4 X 4 4/5 = ? 9.-------21 1/2 X 56 1/2 = ? 10.-------5 1/7 X 11 4/5 = ? 11.-------8 1/3 X 3/5 = ? 12.-------82 2/3 X 6 3/4 = ? 13.-------134 2/5 X 16 1/2 = ? (If you could post the Anwsers to the above Questions at the bottom, thatd be great! Thank you for your time! BTW:Youd be doing me a great favor by helping. I Will make it to be worth your while...Somehow.)
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This makes me sad. :(

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Are you serious?

Ok I will help you.

Find the common denominator and add up the numerator to make the improper fraction so you can then continue with the rest of the problem.

OK now you finish

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im that ' Stupid girl in class who caint tell her lefts from her rights without holding up her hands' i dont know where to go from the Improper fractin..

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Its very simple if you get someone to explain it without making it overly complicated, which mathematicians love to do. Ask your parents or your friends they should know how to do this, ad how to explain it.

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MY Parents? My parents are dead...Like ive said a hundred and one times, this wasent-and isint- for me, its for my DAUGHTER

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Asked By: ihasCupquake(18-21, F) -------------------------------You are 18 -21 and you are doing this for your daughter? She must be a genius !

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You have one cupcake !

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2 1/5 = 2.2 / 9 7/10 = 9.7

= 2.2

= 9.7







= 21.34 Example # 1

Example # 2

1 1/4 = 1.25 / 2 2/3 = 2.666

= 1.25

= 2.666















= 3.3325 or 3.3325

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I feel like im missing some catch here, because if its as easy as it looks, you shouldn't need help...

im assuming you want the answers in the same form as the questions.

1.-----213 4/10



4.-----933 3/4

5.-----3309 1/3









They really love giving you huge numbers to work with.

Sorry it took so long, my damn computer wont let me use the calculator program, im having to do it all im my head, and ill have to check why my computer is being so stubborn tomorrow.

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P.s. Im very sure they will want you to show your working, otherwise you could have don't this on a calculator. So im pretty sure these are the right answers, im tired enough to have made some arithmetic mistakes, but the answers all look proper, so i think its all good. But still, if you do use these, try to work it out yourself, and then use these to check your answers, because they will want you to show your workings

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Mr. Winston Smith, what you just did was not in any way helping her. She now knows exactly what she knew before, NOTHING. And you made it so she still knows nothing when she goes back into class tomorrow. Then what will she do on her test? FAIL ! And then they will know that she cheated on her home work too.

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thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god, i was on the verge of a Panic attack myself! I Caint let my daughter be held back again! THANK YOU!!

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ITS.NOT.FOR.ME! its for my daughter!! she has had 6 ******* Panic attacks because she is going to be held back unless she pulls up her math grade, and she turns to me for help, but I Caint help her! im no good math! So yes, he Did help! Veyr much so infact!

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Wigglebottom is right in a way. You need to work this out for yourself. And the answers i gave you mean this is your one chance to give it a try on your own without help, Look up how to do it, try it, and you will KNOW if you got it right or wrong, because you have the answers right there to check your own work. If you get it right, you have learned, if you get it wrong, you can try again.
p.s. Wigglebottom, i said more or less what i just said in my first reply, if she doesn't want to learn, she never will, but this will help her check her work, and see if she got it wrong, so she can try again.

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Here, this might help its got a very simple explanation for multiplying improper fractions

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If this is for your daughter, maybe she should be held back a grade. She should not feel bad or ashamed for being held back. If she is pushed ahead without learning basic arithmetic, how will she pass pre-algebra, algebra, and any other math class later in life? I recommend using Khan Academy ( ).

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First, multiply the denominator by the whole number, and that number you add to the numerator, leaving it as an improper fraction. You do this with the other one as well. Now that both of them are improper, multiply them.

#7, for ex: 7 1/3 x 3/4

22/3--- [you leave the denominator as the same # which it began as] x 3/4

66/12--- and to simplify that further, divide 66 by 12 =5.5

Hope this helps... =]

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You change each number to all fractions, like 21 1/2 becomes 43/2 and 56 1/2 becomes 113/2. Then you multiply top times top and bottom by bottom to get 4859/4

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(someone's a few cards short of a deck!)


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Errm, what's wrong with your calculator? just curious.

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Skipping the practice won't make the problem go will pile up more snow in the end. I'd love to help explain a single problem to get you started but as someone already mentioned. You have ONE cupcake. Funny how that is exactly what my help costs these days :3

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You don't have some math problems. You have some maths problems, plural.

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In america, the plural for Math is Math, just like in England, the singular for Maths is Maths.

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Wrong. The topic itself is called mathematics, as a branch of science. So any question or problem in that area must be mats, plural. And the UK DOES NOT call it math. Australia got our learning from Britain and it is maths. You're very ignorant aren't you. Making claims with nothing to back you up.
What do you call this branch of science? Mathematic? I don 't think so.

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