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plungesponge plungesponge 26-30, M 5 Answers Dec 3, 2012 in Parenting & Family

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Mine was.....poor woman. :(

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most go to church have receptions partys etc what planet do u live on weirdo

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I am going to say, no! I fed strays that were showing up at my house, then would trap/neuter or spay/release when I could, but two of them were pretty slick and very hard to catch. One was male, one was female. And they stuck together like glue, had kittens...which I was able to finally trap, along with the mother...and they raised them together! That daddy cat was with that mama and kittens all the time! He played with them and was always licking the kittens and the mama. So I would say, she was definitely not single and he was definitely the daddy....she was a striped tabby, he was all black. And 4 of the 5 kittens were all black and looked just like him!

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