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I notice that when you talk about the history of the South, conservatives always start shouting, "Them KKK was Democrats!" According to what was taught when I was in college, many Southerners were Democrats right up until the 1940s because they resented the Republican Party and Lincoln's freeing of the slaves, but southern conservatives started leaving the Democratic party in droves after Truman integrated the US Military and northern Democrats started supporting the Civil Rights Act. Tea Party members insist this isn't true, which means the only explanation for many Southern counties going from 70+% Democrats to over 70% Republican, is that all southern Republicans are really Yankee carpet-baggers with no Southern roots, and that they have no legitimate claim to being heirs to Southern history. What's your response to the idea that all southern Republicans are really just carpet-bagging Yankees who have no family ties or history to the region?
CartoonishSuperVillainy CartoonishSuperVillainy 36-40, M 2 Answers Feb 9, 2014 in Community

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I didn't know constituents could be considered carpet baggers, I thought that was only for those vying for office.

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What does the KKK have to say about it all?? Maybe they have a good answer?

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