My boyfreind thinks they are colors but i keep insiting that the three primary colors can not make black, white or grey.
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It's a grey area.

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There are multiple ways to describe color in technical terms. All forms of color metrics are 3 dimensional.

The primary colors are Red, Green, and Blue (RGB). This is how television picks up color in a camera, and monitors display it.

Another system describes color in terms of Brightness, Hue, and Saturation (BHS). This is how color is transmitted in television, and in some computer files.

Paints use yet another system of colors that is composed of the subtractive primaries of Magenta, Yellow, and Cyan. Magenta is composed of the primary colors of Red & Blue (white minus green), Yellow is composed of the primary colors of Red & Green, and Cyan is composed of the primary colors of Green & Blue. The subtractive nature of this system comes from the way we get color from it - while light is required to see the all the colors produced by the pigment, but when the white light hits the surface, all but the color we intend to view is subtracted from the white leaving a reflection of only the color intended. When we mix these subtracted pigment together, we subtract more colors until we have subtracted all the light and the surface appears to be black.

When the primary colors are added together in the form of light, they can form any visible color. In most technical measurements of RGB, equal amounts of Red, Green, & Blue, produces a light that has no hue or saturation values. At it highest levels, RGB produces white, but when you lower the values but keep them equal, we product varying shades of gray, until we get to a value of zero and we have black.

In the BHS space, White, Gray and Block have zero values of saturation, and without saturation hue has no meaning (undefined). So these are all various levels of brightness with no color values at all. Black is the absence of light in both the RGB and BHS systems.

So whether White, Gray, or Black is an actual color depends on which color space you are using to define the colors. In the real world, the question is only one of semantics and has no practical use, so we say the answer is moot.

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Black is not a color. It absorbs all color and doesn't reflect it to your eyes. White is a color, it reflects all the visible spectrum to your eyes. Grey... I've got no idea there :P

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Grey's a colour, i think. White's the combination of all colours (in light- think dark side of the moon sleeve) & black is the absence of colour, so does not count.

incidentally, my husband used to work in kitchen fitting and he told me that there are over 1,000 shades of both black and white - in vinyl that, grey - yes, white - absolutely, but black? No.

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Black is the presence of all colors, and white is the absence of all color. There are many tints and shades of colors which creates the many "colors" we know. Many colors mix to create a "new" color, and since black and white mix to make gray it could be called a color. However, the white actually lightens black so gray is in reality a tint....if I remember corretly. Black and white arent actually colors themselves, but we have come to know them as such so it really doesnt matter much.

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Hi KungPOWKitten

If not on the color wheel not a color! White light is made up of colored light but has no color of its own! Try it yourself with 2 prisms to split sunlight.


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So is clear.

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I thought shades of grey and black were considered "neutrals." White is all the colors put together, and black is the absence of light... so I would say that no, grey and black aren't colors, they're shades. White is a color though.

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It depends on what you are talking about in terms of colors. There are two different scales after all! The RGB and RBY scale. RGB is Red-Green-Blue, commonly the physics and lighting version of the color scale. RBY is Red-Blue-Yellow, and is the painting and artist's version of the color scale.

For RBY, black is a color, it's just a mixture of all colors. In RGB, it is the absence of color, so therefore, not a color.

I'm not entirely sure about grey as a RGB color. RBY wise, it is simply a shade.

And finally, white in RGB is a mixture of all colors. In RBY it is a tint when added to colors, but the absence of all colors. Hope this helps!

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