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No, I have met young people that are way more mature than some older ones. Age has nothing to do with mental and spiritual maturity.

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No. I know a 40+ man, 2 kids, divorced, living with his parents. He can't be left alone because no one trusts him. Yet some teenagers can live on their own, have a job, pay bills, etc.

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NO. age does not guarantee maturity.

Some people live way up into their later years and are still very immature and selfish.

Other people have a sense of goodness and maturity at a young age.

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Most of the time yes, sometimes unfortnately, no.

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Nope there are some who knows less then teens because they are dumb to the bone

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I think the teens are more mature than our world leaders

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No, I'm married to a huge child.

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No not always

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No. I've seen very ignorant adults and i've seen teens who act like adults and even make better decsions than some adults.

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nope. A lot of adults get stunted along the way

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No....definitely not

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Spiritual maturity depends not on age.

One saying funnily discloses:"If white beard is sign of

wisdom, then all goats are sages!"

However, when we cease to impose our opinons

on other people, then the gap between will no

longer be a problem, the side of experience and

the side of acquanitance to modern gadgets.

In fact, only God is omniscient, so we humans of

all ages better sho humility before Him and before

all His children.

Today, under the guidance of God, we realize

that no man is leader of other men. We all cooperate

equally under the direction of institutions whose members

are representatives or servants, and not at all leaders.

This new concept will show us the way to love,

unity and peace for the whole world.

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