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Having money has no bearing on intelligence. Many Inherited it, Many were just Lucky, Many are Crooks.

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The reason I asked this question is because my mom and dad seem to think I'm stupid for not getting a job and making money, while I'm on my way to getting money for my work as a writer that they can't see yet. In the meantime, my mom looks up to movie stars and other celebrities as if they're worth more than I am, just because they have lots of money. In my opinion, though, these celebrities are usually much less intelligent than I am.

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They are Puppets. Doing and Saying what they are Told to. Usually the Same things Over,and Over, and Over....

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It takes intelligence to be a good crook.

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Sometimes, yes to be a Good One.

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Smarter no I dont think so ...I dont believe that most of the world wealthy could survive living on the streets more then a night or two but anyone could survive being rich .,..

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not always maybe those with money just don't know how to spend it

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No, they just have more money to spend on education. I know some pretty damn stupid rich people!

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No, I know quite a few wealthy people, a majority of whom make you wonder how the hell they have survived through life, in fact, some of them have admitted to thinking the same! lol, most of these people have inherited their money. Other wealthy friends of mine have had to work for what they have, and yes, they have had to use intelligence, cunning, and boldness, to get where they are. Yet other friends of mine, who are just "normal joe's" are some of the brightest people I've met, and others are just...... well, let us say, not the brightest bulb in the box. But i'm pretty much convinced that having lots of money, or a lack of it, doesn't really have an effect on Intelligence.

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No. Just richer.

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there are plenty of reasons people have money...and plenty of reasons why people don't.

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Depends on whether they earned it themselves or it was given to them

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not always. Some people inherited their money, some were born into it. It doesnt take brains to be those people.

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Nope, just luckier.

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