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What I can never understand, and with the greatest respect to those who do beliieve, is how come we don't know what happens after we cross over? The late Doris Stokes was, in the eyes of her fans, a great Psychic. At the time a magician, Paul Daniels, spent a lot of his time calling Doris Stokes' bluff. His request should be considered a simple one; he challenged her over and over again to give *any* form of evidence over proof of what happened to those who crossed over, to help people to not fear death by informing the people what actually happens. Of course, this never happened. Doris Stokes never, ever took him up on his challenge.

That's an issue with me. Magicians disguisesd as Psychics have perfectly emulated a Psychic session to what those involved would call them 'perfectly accurate' without knowing the person was a Magician. And, for me, I still ponder over why none of these Psychics profess to know what happens when we cross over. How come Ppsychics have not disclosed the mysteries of crossing over?


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If this is your nose, these are your hands, this is your body, then Who are YOU?

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If they were for real, James Randi would have lost his million dollars a long time ago. Yet very, very few have even tried for it.

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I am I predicted everything-I predicted that all things come to an end-so far I am onto something?!

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