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I don't know what skew teeth are but I don't think we should be judged based on appearance, you could miss out on some wonderful friendships by doing so

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Sounds like something that would cause a person to get seriously picked on & it's a sad thing

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What are skew teeth?

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i willl be perfectly honest.

I would not down nice / good as some one is on the inside...when they say they dont like something visually about them selves.

I had somehting i didint like....i got veneers total upper teeth / boob job /nose...and you know what?....It doesnt fix my family issues..or bring me closer to God...

But hell yeah....i feel better about it...and there is matter what others think is /is not cute /etc....

When one around.....Do you like it?

If it was fixed....and you close your eyes...and imagine that it was...does it make you happy?...Does it bring a sense of calm......?

Go for it!....I say...helll..if there is somehting that you can make yourself feel better?...and you are not risking your health or anything...and it is done by a really good doctor...Heck yeah....make a plan....and go for it.

Make sure it is also balanced with good "internal" building as well...


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I know there are people who have serious dental problems, with exra teeth pushing out in every direction, and people who are born wirh seriously mis-aligned teeth who will benefit from orthodontic help, but I think that there are far too many kids wearing braces who don't need them.

When I was married, my wife insisted that our daughter needed braces. We were living in a rich neighbourhood where it seemed that very kid was wearing braces.

My daughter had a couple of interesting little turns in her teeth that I thought made her prettier and gave her character, but I lost out to my mother-in-law who insisted on paying for them.

I argued that there are many Hollywood stars and music stars who reached success without having worn braces, but that didn't help. It worked for my son though who is now 17 and is very handsome, even though he didn't (and refused to) to to an orthodontist.

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No...naturechick1991 got it just right....sometimes its those so called "imperfections" that make you something really special. The example I think of is the actress Jennifer Grey. I thought she was an absolute stunner in the movie Dirty Dancing. She got a nose job shortly thereafter and, to me was much less attractive.

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No way, I love imperfect teeth!

Patricia Arquette, Jewel, Kirsten Dunst- all of them have the cutest imperfect smiles.

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