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According to the National Science Foundation one in five Americans still believes the sun revolves around the earth. If smartphones could make them much dumber geologists would have to classify them as rocks.

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I've heard some people suggest that increased technology is bascially keeping people in a fantasy world more and more these days.

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Let me ask Siri

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I have a friend that felt pretty dumb because it took her a month to learn how to use it.

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In a word yes.

But that is not the whole answer....

Technology is not making the whole world dumber.

But what is happening is that as technology is able to do more and more for human beings......Human beings are able to do less and less for themselves.

I was talking about computers to some school leavers....And i was shocked to find that although they had learnt how to use computers...(in a point and click way)

They had never been taught how a computer works....and did not really understand the difference between hardware and software....Which is shocking!

Also the more and more computers and technology can do for us the more free time and head space we have for other things.......Sadly both are being filled with trivial banality by the mass media.

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Depends on the person and how they interact with the phone.

People designing smart phones are smarter by far.

People who develop software that works on smart phones are very smart.

People relying on their phones for everything are dumber.

People who augment the phone to take on more than they normally would are usually smarter. Can go both ways. :)

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Absolutely. People don't have to know anything themselves anymore, they can look it all up on their phones.

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