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Winning the contract for America Idol is actually a worse deal than if you get voted off and can have a BETTER career on your own. Isn't it fairly obvious that when Paul, Bachmann and (especially) Rick Perry crank up the crazy-factor to 11 -- they actually have no intention of winning. Why settle for being a Constitutionally-limited President (with little actual power to pass laws) making less than a million a year when losing and becoming a well-known political "star" they can make MILLIONS writing books and giving speeches (like Palin) or working as a highly paid lobbyist. Do you think any of the current candidate actually want to win?
niceguyinhell niceguyinhell 31-35, M 2 Answers Sep 22, 2011

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The initial GOP debates have seemed like either a reality show or a bad beauty contest. And potential candidate with no chance have been managing to raise a lot of money! Anyone with any sense looking at the current economic picture and how much Obama gets blamed knows what a thankless job it is to be president. Maybe the GOP strategy will switch to underhandedly supporting his re-election while continuing to block legislation all the way to 2016. Blaming is so much easier than actually doing.

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You in the US have only had to put up with it for a couple of yrs. Us in britland have had to put up with this dross for what seems a 'king life time. Then they've the audacity to show it here...

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