I had a dream that seemed so real and I met this person and everything that happened seemed so real. does your mind like go into a different universe when you dream?
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dream has no continuity..dont care..

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Oh god, my mind has to go into science mode or I'll explode.

1. You ALWAYS dream of faces you've seen before. Whether you remember them or not, you always dream of faces you've seen in real life, whether well known or just glanced at them on the street.

2. Technically, because of the multiverse theory, since anything is possible, there is one universe that has the exact same occurrences as your dream happening "simultaneously" (in quotes because time is only specific to the universe you live in, but that's not sure either).

So every time you dream, you've peered into an alternate universe. Every time you make a decision, the other outcomes happen in alternate universe.

Isn't that interesting? Science. It's fun. Doing science is much more arousing than doing a guy. Science > Sex. If you're a true geek, you can make yourself 'gasm just by doing science. Because. Science is sexy.

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Hmmmm .. never really considered this question. Kinda makes me wonder ...

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Yes dreams can be real sometimes.

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