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sasorensenster sasorensenster 18-21 3 Answers Jan 20, 2012

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I don't understand why men do not have more of a say in this. The baby shares their genes. Women have sex, get pregnant, and then decide they don't want any responsibility or that this beautiful child growing inside of them will "mess up" their beautiful bodies. How bout some personal responsibility?? How bout not spreading your legs if you are not ready to be a parent? How about adoption? How about giving the father a chance to be a daddy? Abortion is a cop out.

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As far as I know none of the women I dated had one, and since I only slept with the first woman, if any of the others had one, they would have some explaining to do. If I had a partner who got one, I don't think it would bother me that much, it would save her from the hellish agony of childbirth.

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