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I make some good money working with ZNZ. It's a very renowned online business, here's how it works:

As you might know, many companies have offers to promote their products in order "reel in" prospective customers. You've probably seen this everywhere – free trials, promotional discounts, coupons, etc.

Our company, ZNZ, provides our website as a hub for all these different offers, many of which are from Fortune 500 companies. These companies pay ZNZ for that (rather than spending thousands upon thousands on advertising). That money is then dispersed to us, the sponsors. We are basically ZNZs marketing department. It’s outsourced to people working at home like myself. And one day perhaps you as well! We simply direct people to ZNZ and that’s it. They complete a FREE offer and you receive a minimum of $20 directly in your pocket!! That's better than most commission-based jobs. Keep in mind you can make $130 rather than $20 with hardly any extra effort!! There are different payouts, depending on certain offer completions.

I know it might sound confusing at first, but it's really easy once you get the hang of it. ZNZ is recognized as the BEST work-at-home opportunity around. It has paid out over $6.5 million directly to people like you and me... Get in on the action while you still can!!

Plus these offers are pretty darn valuable! There are many I still use to this day! Including the DiscoverMore Card which you've probably seen in commercials. I get 5% cashback for every purchase I make online. And it was completely FREE!! If you're a money-saving "coupon-clipper", ZNZ is the place for

Keep in mind that you don't have to promote the offers. There's no need to chase anyone around saying "Here! Try this free trial!". In fact, what attracts people the most is the amazing business opportunity that ZNZ provides. That's what you'll be promoting, and that's how you'll make your money. No salesmanship necessary! It's really a beautiful thing - you spread the word and help increase people's revenue stream, while at the same time increasing your own!!

Although ZNZ has been around for 5 years, the work-at-home market has only recently experienced a HUGE boost. And ZNZ is at the top of the list! More and more people are climbing aboard, and we expect the boat to only get bigger. That means there are thousands and thousands of people just waiting for an opportunity like this one. And you can be the one to present it to them!

I posted a single Craigslist ad yesterday, and 9 people have responded. A handful of which are completing their offers as I type this! I can potentially earn a MINIMUM of $180 in one day - all from a single ad! Also like I said I can potentially earn even $130 per person - now that's a BIG payday! And posting on Craigslist is just scratching the surface! There are loads of methods to promote ZNZ and we can teach you how to set up your own website and back office to generate more leads. (mo

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Try, or Arise University. They give a 4 week course in telephone customer service where you work at home servicing clients (many big ones) who are supported by them. Once you pass the course, they assign you with a company (or companies) that you will do customer service work for, over the phone and your computer, completely from home.

Even the course is given over the phone, using a video link with your home computer.

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And how much do they want for this training course. I'm sure it's not free... sounds like it might be a scam to me. Do you know anyone who's done it? Thanks! :)

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Yes. I took the course myself, and there was no fee.
They work with a huge number of companies in the US, but so far, only one in Canada - Rogers Wireless, who I did not want to work for.
You get $300 for completeing the course, and after your first month servicing clients, you get another $1000.
It certainly isn't a scam, and you can do quite well working from home. Just a note though, if you go to their site and consider signing-up, make sure your computer meets all of the specs that they require. You may need to add RAM, or upgrade your computer, depending on what you have now.

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Yeah but they're usually trained professional jobs. The place I work at has University professors and tutors work from home, but you need like - minimum a master's degree. There are other ones as well, but don't google "WORK FROM HOME!" you need to look at careers where you can work from home, an what kind of certification/training you need.

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I'm too shy for it, but I hear live cam models are doing well.

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Yes medical transcribing is one.

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There are - but, most involve being self-employed - graphic art, web development, etc. Some tech support companies will let you work from home as well, assuming you have the knowledge (but it doesn't take a lot really) and equipment.

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