My fiance and I got an apartment together 7 months ago. We were able to pay all of our bills because he had a full time job and I stayed at home with our baby. He just recently got laid off a month ago and he's been trying to find another job with no luck yet. This has caused us to be late on this months rent. We also owe the cable and electric company A LOT of money because they drastically cut his hours a few months before they let him go. That's when I started looking for a job but I've never had a job before so it seems like no one wants to hire me. There is no way we will be able to pay this months and next months rent or any of our other bills. Our lease is up in November but last year we applied for low income housing and they just called me yesterday with an apartment available. I really don't want to have to do that but we have been trying so hard to get jobs and pay our bills and nothing is changing. We would both be able to go to college that way and work.
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sigh, so young ...

Anyway, to you current challenge. You need to call the landlord immeadiatly (tomorrow would be good). Yes, in theory you are on the hook for the whole amount until November. HOWEVER, they (the landlord) must make every effort to rent the place. so you will need to allow them to show it. I don't know where you live, some states have differing laws, but the requirement for them to make a best effort usually stands. They aren't allowed to do nothing, through you out, and came after you for 5 months of rent, especially if they rent it out.

This next bit is from older laws. Not so much laws, but matter of practice. The utilitie companies in general will NEVER shut off service if there is an infant in the house. Not because they aren't allowed, but rather it makes for; 1) bad press, and 2) if ANYTHING were to happen to the baby, any lawyer would win big in a court case. Its just not worth it to them. and if you try to make a deal they are usually more than willing. Cable, eh, they are slime and will probably cut you off before you finish dialing (jk).

Anyway, good luck

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Go to the landlords and tell them the truth. Tell them that if they hold you to the lease, you won't be able to pay the rent, and then they'd have to evict you and that would cost them money, and then they'd have to sue you to get some money from you. Just tell them, you CANNOT pay rent. That you'd like to do it the right way, and leave on good terms, but one way or another, you will have to leave. Do they have *last month rent deposit* Where I live, we pay first and last month's rent, when we move in, so if we have to leave early, they last month is already paid.

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You need to talk to your landlord. He might be able to work something out since it is obvious that you can't pay the rent and will have to move.

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You legally cant break your lease just because you cant afford it. When you signed your lease based on your income upon signing you agreed to pay the amount stated for the entire term. Now if there was a safety issue or they refused to repair something satisfactorily or there were bugs or something...that might have been usable

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