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Blogger422 Blogger422 36-40, F 4 Answers Sep 18, 2011

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I just do, I guess. <br />
I read a lot. I answer questions on here. I write letters. I involve myself in my son's life. For a long time, I was homeschooling and doing his therapy. I garden a bit. I work in the yard. When I was working, that was huge chunk, and it got me out of the house a bit. I talk now and then on the phone. I talk to people when I'm out and about. There are a few people that I talk to fairly regularly. I try not to beat myself up too often. I try not to think too much about how I landed where I am or what I'll do if the lonely bits continue. I am learning to just try to take it day by day and not to ruin the present with thoughts that are gloomily placed in the regrets of the past or the forebodings of the future. <br />
Today the sun was shining. We watched TV. I fed and petted the cat. Got some things done. Wrote notes to a friend on here. Raised the windows and let the fresh breeze in. Started thinking seriously about the next hobby I want to try. Overall, a wonderful type of day. <br />
If my son were neurotypical, and I were lonely, I'd probably join up with another moms group. Maybe for playdates. I would also probably go to church and meet some people there. Maybe start attending the PTA meetings or going to some of the activities that exist around here. You can try There are lots of mom and single parent groups from what I can see. <br />
I guess we all handle loneliness in our own way. All my best with this situation. I know how it can be.

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Yeah a bit. Just do cope..have to.

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