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If I'm being funny, in grade school I said 'hot fudge pizza w/ pepperoni' - ewe.

If I'm honest - one of the best things ever that people won't try, and if they do they loved it a BLT w/ peanut butter - to keep the tomatoes from sliding out, then bacon, and lettuce, and the toast w/mayo on the top - it's sooo good.

If I'm being freaky - I am not into that, but I've seen the TV show where they show hoarders and then the 'freaky eaters'... people who can't stop eating newspaper, or metal, or raw hamburger (isn't that called 'steak tar tar' and costs a lot in restaurants?), or plastic, etc... It was gross, which is why it was on TV I'm guessing.

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If you mean freaky as in weird then I have a few food combinations that are really out there....

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Fish Tacos.

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