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i called someone a silly sausage... and i didnt even know the person it was crayzay

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I'm a wallflower, me ;0))

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Maybe wallflower was a little inaccurate lol

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this was back in the days.

went to concert, threw my shirt on the stage at the singer hahaha

lost my hat i dont remember how lost my shoes and rock back at the casino hotel and the security guard was like WTF and dint do anything.

the other one was we play a game call dirty hand. go to as many places as we can and each of us have to bring back one item the end of the night, who ever got the best item win. wild night hahahaha, i got the white pool ball, shot glasses, ******** g-string half bottle of jack the dj record....

those were the stupidest thing ive done when i went out with the boys.

wildest thing are actually not out on parties hehehe.

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hunted chicken, bird etc for food

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**** after we all got a little drunk and went skinny dipping

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Not turn up.

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