A Scanner is a person who has many ideas and interests who loses interest quickly and like to change and experience new things.
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"Scanners is a 1981 science-fiction action horror film written and directed by David Cronenberg and starring Jennifer O'Neill, Stephen Lack, Michael Ironside, and Patrick McGoohan. In the film, "scanners" are people with unusual telepathic and telekinetic powers."

“Scanners are people with the ability to read ("scan") other people's thoughts (telepathy), and the power to cause things to happen simply by thinking about them (telekinesis).”

“Most scanners are unhappy people, condemned to "hearing" an unstoppable flood of strangers' thoughts.”

- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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That's another variation of a scanner. I can read your thoughts lol.

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I loved that movie! I still associate that word with exploding people's heads!

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Not a problem. "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself." - from former US President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
p.s I have updated my answer to include information on the Wikipedia entry and the movie 'The Scanners'.

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I was intrigued by the supposedly metaphysical capabilities of the protagonists in the film. I suspect, in fact, that all sentient beings possess(ed?) these and other similar powers to varying degrees, and believe that the creation of language and the written word, and most specifically the recent proliferation of electronic and microwave communication devices, are progressively supplanting all remaining vestiges of these interactions.

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I am.

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