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Hi, the details of what happened to me aren't important.I was w/him 15, years,and in an instant,he said"I never loved you,...ever!",I said,"Huh, what?",his reply,"It is what it is".I knew nothing of sociopaths,at that point I would of gladly chose a bullet to the head,rather than what I endured.Its been 14 months,I've moved far away,still so messed up in the head. Dread waking up ever day,still read stuff about sociopaths trying to feel better about it all, most the left feeling worse.Today was different,something I read clicked ,the pain all the victims feel, the heartless way they treat you,its they way they feel all the time,not being like everyone else, never knowing the right way to be,its all such a struggle,all pain,then anger, then revenge, same as the victim,they do what they do to make you feel like they feel,hurt like they hurt,ouch!!! can you imagine,they dont deserve it and either do you,even now I guess, so sad really...for both, I guess I cross off getting even w/ him.
HalleysComment HalleysComment 46-50, T 1 Answer Aug 4, 2012 in Broken Hearts & Betrayal

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