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sheshka sheshka 22-25, F 4 Answers Apr 16, 2014 in Embarrassing & Funny

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I was writing a talk for church and I ment to say "our spirit lives of even after we die." But is said "our spirit lives on even after we wedgie."

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Several years back a co worker of mine had been talking about her mother and how they had been having an argument over something. It was just before Christmas and being that time of year she had been anticipating going home for the Holidays as was her family tradition. Her and I had a great working relationship and she was a very vocal type of personality and we would often discuss events going on in our lives. Both of us have a sarcastic demeanor so it was not unusual for us to banter with each other in a friendly manner. <br />
So, she had just gotten off the phone with her mother about an hour earlier and was testy over the conversation and had made a comment about how sometimes her mother drives her crazy etc. etc. Well, by chance I had gone over to the company fax machine to fax a document, she had stepped out of the office at the time, and we had received a fax to which I picked up. The fax was from her mother, and it was on this letterhead from her office. The fax was a beautifily written note to my co worker stating how her and her father couldn't wait to have everyone home for christmas, and what a wonderful time it would be and they couldn't wait to see her etc. etc. As I had known that she had just been feuding with her mom on the phone, I took the fax and decided to change it a little bit. So I blanked out what her mother wrote and I proceeded to write how she is just so angry at her right now that she doesn't want her to come home for christmas, and as far as shes concerned they don't want to see her at all. And don't call them because they won't answer and so on and I put this on her desk. Well, of course my co worker comes back and reads this fax and she is livid, I can't believe my mother said this, I am going to call her and tell her and so on. Fortunately, I cut her off just before she made that call and gave her the real fax. We all had a good laugh, but the look on her face and her reaction was as funny as hell.

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