My family has Familial ALS. I need to ask my Mom exactly what kind it is. It's 'rare' one apparently. I don't know how they found out, but my Great Grandma had it. I think they had in a journal of symptoms and her dearth. She only had it for a year when she was in her 70's. My Grandma Trump (my Dad's side) and one of her sisters had the gene for ALS, but never set in before they died. She had a another sister who had it for only 8 months, her son lived 4 only months. Both mother and son had it start in their throat. My Dad's twin was diagnosed in 2005 it and died in 2007. Just two years before and several years in a row, my Dad was in the top 10 ranking of the healthiest men of his age in America. My Dad was also diagnosed in 2005 and he died in 2010. His was a lot slower than anyone in his family. Another one of my Dad's brother got test right after my Dad passed and found he had the gene and I think ANOTHER one of his brothers was tested and found positive. I am the youngest of 9 kids and 7 of us are adopted. My brother and sister who are biological children to my Dad aren't sure if they want to be tested. It's wiping out the Trump side of my family. It's terrible. Taking care of my Dad and watching him suffer was bad enough, now we're not sure who is next and who we'll have to watch go through hell.

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