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I had a tombstone supreme pizza a couple hrs ago.....sleepy now, but thanks for offering :)

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just ate Garlic Roll ... thanks for asking dear :P

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mhm :) how was it?

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it was awesum :P what u ate?

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nothing Im waiting for my daddy to bring home supper. he says it's gunna be pizza. delicious.

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cool :P enjoy then !

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I am more and more hungry spiritually.

I want to get knowledge about many things,

but the more I learn, the more new realities

require recognition. I don't know what is

Higgs boson, what is string universes, what is

the virtual world, the real world, the life after life...

I am answering questions up here for more

learning, for example, to know more about

the thinking of human beings on the same word.

Hunger? What exactly is hunger? What is physical

food? What is spiritual food? Who can provide

food for the satisfaction of each individual and

of all human beings?...

Now I am more hungry than a moment ago.

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what do u need from me

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