garvan garvan 46-50, M 9 Answers Oct 2, 2011

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Do you groan some tonight?

Are your bowels locked tight?

Are you sat with your cheeks wide apart?

Do you sweat and you strain

Doubled over in pain

When you think you are there, you just f@rt

Does the bowl in your toilet

Seem empty and bare?

Do you dream as you picture

A log floating there?

Sitting on the commode

Feels like you will explode

And are you constipated tonight?

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Ha ha,wicked and funny,I love it,best answer in ages :-)

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Thanks :)

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Leave a message, Sandy cat screens my calls. :(

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Garvan where is my child support? Little Osama needs shoes

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A little bit, yes.

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I have had that song in my mind all day while I was at I know who the culprit is

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I'm lonesome for the touch of his hand in my hair, the sound of his voice in my ear and the feel of his lips upon my own. I'm lonesome tonight and all the nights spent without him.

P.s. You are now the reason I'm listening to Elvis on repeat.

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