I think that I must move on. It's best that I do. I can't let the past hold me back & keep me down. The sad parts, keep suffocating me. The good parts, make me lazy & keep me from moving on & experience more good things. The confusing parts, only make me angry & bitter. I have to move forward. I will rapidly deteriorate (emotionally & psychologically) if I don't. Before I know it, i'll be an old man...wondering what happend to my life & why I didn't advance & evolve.
HiPpIeRoNiN HiPpIeRoNiN 31-35, M 9 Answers Oct 17, 2010

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Once a new phase presents itself yes i very much look forward to exploring it and what life will be like once i am involved in it.

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You betcha, m'dear! I am old and I allowed a lot to keep me down. I decided a year ago to follow my dreams and though it isn't going as quickly as I would have liked, I'm still movin' on down that road towards my goal ... that will lead to yet another goal ... etc.

You're a young man. Go for it! It's never too late, but you'll have more time to enjoy it!


You're a good man and I see lots of wonderful things in your future just waiting for you to go for. You can do it. What are you waiting for? : )

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RESPONSE: Thanks :-) You're a good person as well.'s best that I stop waiting. But theres just something thats theres some lose ends that I need to tie up before I move on.

As always RRK1, your wisdom both moves & inspires me. I wish nothing but the best of luck working to towards your goals. *high fives you & hugs you*

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Nope, not at all -- the only road left untraveled is getting old and death.

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You seem very fatalistic lately ChipmunkErnie :-( Wanna talk about it?

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