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SirMax SirMax 56-60, M 1 Answer Dec 4, 2012 in Community

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My household is prepared to sustain ourselves on food/water reserves, and have fuel reserves in order to get to a second property, where we have an adequate water source, have prepared soil, built a greenhouse, stored food, water, seeds, other necessities, and barter items. People local to this second property raise and sell livestock. We have our security requirements covered at both locations, and a firm understanding of travel security. We have USGS maps printed for our state and all adjoining states, and have contingencies if we are needing to travel by foot.

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My household consists of myself (female, 24), an Army Corps of Engineers veteran (male, 41), and another male adult of 23. We have a labrador dog who has been trained to flush and retrieve small game and fowl - there is enough food for 6 months for the dog, and if need be - the "out of town" location is surrounded by hundreds of square miles of national park land.

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