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What ARENT i skeptical about is a better question! I don't trust anything/one

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I am usually skeptical of everything... One should be because some people will take advantage of you if you allow them to...

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I'm not. but i am cautious of the things i embrace.

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Broke People

Judgemental People

Friendly People

Uggly People

Nasty People

Fake People

Religious People

Homophobic People

Generous People

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man's ability to curve his behavior before self annihilation

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I'm really skeptical about my job. They had 6 layoffs and I survived all of them.... I'd really like to know am I going down with the ship.

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Anyone who claims to be psychic,

(I know there is evidence, and I have met with proven instances,

but the majority of claimants are cons).

Anything that requires purely faith for healing,

(The placebo effect is real, but on its own will fail in 70% of cases).

Political rhetoric.

People who boast.

Salesmen and advertisements; anyone with a vested interest.

Anyone who's words and/or actions don't match facts, body language, expression & tone of voice.

Anything that can't be proven.

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byytch i guess you dont like a bone in me....its okay im still living

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