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Every day but i try to create new memories to mask the old painful ones

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That is a good reply. Join the club

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Yes I do sometimes get tormented buy old memories.. because I grew up in a very abusive home and my childhood was very painful and unhappy.

Now that I am older and out of that environment I have a good life and

have a lot of happiness. but sometimes the old memories come to

me and it ****** me off that I was forced to have to live like

that as a child and had to miss out on what should have been good

times and good memories. But that is life.

Sometimes life throws you a bad hand when you are child and

its unfair.. but you cant spend the rest of your life crying over it

You have to move on and make New memories that are fun

and good > that is how I wash away the old bad stuff

But creating New Good times.

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Sometimes. Regrets, mostly. So I try to fill my mind with positivity.

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occasionally one will come up that bothers me a good bit, but usually i'm able shake it of pretty quickly and put in the back of my mind where it belongs.

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absolutely yes

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Some, yes

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No. I don't allow myself to reminisce.

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