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Yes. I'm 35 and very attracted to a man whose in his 50's. He's intelligent, humorous, fit, tall, dark, handsome, and stable. We're both single though I'm not sure if my age bothers him or if he's not attracted to me. I'm definitely not after his money and I have my own things

like a house, vehicle, etc. Just

looking for love even if he's old enough to be my Dad.

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wow! Nice to hear all that. I am a guy who looks 40-45 but am 57 & work out daily. People think I look a lot like George Clooney except no gray hair. I am lucky. My preference is someone 35-42 & in shape. Most of the women in their 30s or even 20s complain to me that younger men are all about sex & no romance & want sex before they get to know the girl. My daughters are 20 &21 & they attest to that. So I was dating a girl 38 & a 41 year old & neither knew my age...just wondering if someone has gotten into that with a man as old as I am. I really do NOT think age should be a factor when the women are over 35 especially. Its more their choice though & I still do not think most would want that big of an age difference, so I am limited to opportunities. I used to have 48 on my singles site, but my daughter was have to be honest. They will find out eventually & wonder if you are lying about something else...what do you think of that?

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I am 29 and i'm crazy in love for a 52-year-old man or 54. I don't know. Don't care. He's healthy. I wont bother if he's not. Love is not in sex. Its in the heart.

He's younger than my parents but I wont bother if he was older as he's not my father.

I Love Him Truly!!!!!!!!!!!!

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surely, he'd live longer than me and protect me through. He is my mighty Knight and my King!!!

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Definitely. I'm 31 and my boyfriend for a year now is 51. It was love at first sight. He is tall and keeps himself in great shape going to the gym. He actually has a nicer body than any younger man I've dated.

Besides the physical attraction he is also honest, sweet, caring, and a very good and considerate lover.

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