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my parents got my sister married, found out he is a jerk who cares a damn about her and constantly asks money with my parents, well i m so dried spent all on her marriage & still clearing loan took for this event to make it happen, she has a kid now & staying with us, should i say get over with him file a divorce or not?
anilbangalorean anilbangalorean 26-30, M 5 Answers Jan 4, 2014 in Family Struggles

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The whole attitude with the girls have to change first. Educate then and appreciate them so they don't end up with losers.

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Okay...... here is a hint.......<br />
<br />
Your sister's marriage isn't your business. It's hers. You cannot tell her to get over him. If she wants to get a divorce, she will do it on her own time.<br />
<br />
Stop giving him money. God only knows why you gave them money for their wedding - that's just silly. The fact YOU had to pay for HIS wedding should've been a hint in the first place.

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