what is your experience....i have no option but to find greener i am asking...
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Be glad you aren't a sex slave that is being held against your will in aruba.

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Joined interest based clubs where I could find them, like e.g. running clubs, photography, kung-fu, cooking etc.

Simply talked to everybody and never closed myself to any group or 'clique'

Went in and kept an open mind about people. No snap judgment on characteristics or personalities.

Observed and asked a lot of questions about traditions, ways of living that I found odd or different than my own. This is everyday stuff like sweet vs savory french toast. Meal timings, punctuality etc

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The people weren't strange. Their food and language and customs were strange to me at first but I learnt the language a bit, tried and liked most of the food, and got used to their customs.

I found making (long term) friends very difficult, but it takes time I guess.

Good luck. :)

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