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No-one should ever 'just' find someone so they can have kids but if you're bi there's a good chance you might. Many people get a parental instinct when they feel the time is right and that is a lot easier in a straight relationship (though there are options if you're in a same-sex relationship too).<br />
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That certainly applies to me. As a bi man, there was always something at the back of my mind that was assessing partners as potential parent material and inevitably it's stronger (for me) with women. Had my 'the one' turned out to be a man, I could have lived with not having children (I still might not have them), or adopting or whatever.<br />
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Whether that's the conditioning of a society that still expects people to form m-f relationships and reproduce, or some biological urge in me to protect my genes down the generations (or both) I don't know but while there's still a chance that you (or I) will fit that stereotype, they'll try to shoehorn us into it - it's easier for them.<br />
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As for your mother, part of it may be that she wants the best for you, even if she doesn't really understand what that is (some people - particularly women - believe no woman can truly be happy without children), part of it might be that she simply wants to be a grandmother.

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