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I love this generation. I am a professional in the sex industry and find that some of my finest clients are the older gentlemen. Respectful and kind, and always take my needs into consideration. This generation has much more to offer than sex; wisdom and knowledge and sharing of great stories. Always a no-pressure situation.

I have personally have had several clients that come equip with Doctor Approved Medical Pumps, and when handles delicately and used as a shared experience it is in the not least offensive. I personally prefer the hand pump to the battery pump, as it is much quieter, and after the noise of the battery pump I could barely vacuum the floor, the sounds are identical.

so, if you ever find yourself in a position to use such a implement, feel free to share it and involve your partner, that way you will both share in the pleasure and you will not feel that you are hiding a medical device that is totally acceptable.

May your bet sex be in your future.

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Hopefully they are all saying what you are saying! I have every hope to be enjoying the greatest part of life until I die. I'll be the one sneaking into my husband's room at the nursing home. They'll have to put a GPS on me.

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I'm not an octogebarian but i think having great sex at 83 is amazing, and very good news to couples especially for someone dating someone much older. Is this great sex in or outside of marraige i wonder?

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I salute you, Lordhelge! Sexual activity is key to keeping the mind and body young! I hope I can still keep it going when I'm your age!

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