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My father just dumbed 5 kittens on me. I decided I was going to keep one so it can reproduce with my two female kittens I have back at my appartment. However I only found homes for 3 of the other ones so being the cat lover that I am I'm going to take the other one in two. So my question is at what age will the male cat get the female cats pregnant? Also would the male cat reproduce with his sister also. Do I have to worry about all three cats gettting pregnant? And how will I no my cats are pregnant..i doubt if they peed on a pregnancy test it will show lol :P
kristtin kristtin 18-21, F 4 Answers Nov 28, 2010

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i believe they can reproduce within a year of being born. and yes i am pretty sure the male cat might impregnate his sister too.. i suggest checking google or something for more certain answers though..

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Cats get get pregnant after 2-3 human years of their birth, male cats can produce ***** after the age of 3 I think

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