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perseverer perseverer 51-55, F 5 Answers Nov 5, 2012 in Self Improvement

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The hardest thing for most to be is..Adverage. An over achiever and under achievers get all the attention. Most people seek reconition in one form or another. This makes them feel alive. This is a natural state. Although, can be destructive. When people are young...they feel a constant need to fit in. Since...most our underachievers, as it is easier, that's the path most will follow. Those who don't need all the attention...have less stress and live longer. You can tell an over achiever as they will say..."I got to". While an under achiever will say, " I can't". Those in the balanced state say, " I'm happy". I rather be happy than live in a constant need to improve. Although, you don't want to be an underachiever either. Stay in touch with our abilities to perform on any level. And know self-improvement comes naturally.

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When we are true to ourselves and to those in our lives whom we love.

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