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I'm currently interested in becoming an au pair in Germany. I have a family that is interested in me and I think they are absolutely adorable. While I understand the main purpose of being an au pair is taking care of the kids and immersing yourself in a culture by taking part in a family, it is still a job. The legal amount of money/month for au pairs in Germany is 260 euros, or $356 USD, which equates to 65 Euros/week ($89.00 USD), and assuming I work the legal limit 30 hrs/week, that equates to roughly $02.97 USD/hr. which is well below minimum wage in America. Europe is very expensive- how do you afford to go out during your time off? How much money do you REALLY make per month? Do most families add additional pocket money? Please bare in mind- I'm not greedy, I wouldn't even consider becoming an au pair if I didn't have a passion for working with kids, but I want to ensure that I can afford a true experience (food, train passes, movies etc) outside of work as well.
youngbrokeandfabulous youngbrokeandfabulous 22-25 2 Answers Mar 5, 2014 in Travel

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It is well below minimum wage. But you get free food and a free place to stay, right? So you can spend everything on other things. With € 260 per month you will definitely not be rich, but you can afford to go out a little.

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"For all au pair contracts signed after 1 July 2013, it is compulsory for German host families to contribute 50 euros a month to the cost of their au pair's language course, provided that the au pair requires a visa (non-EU nationals) or comes from Croatia." (via - so you get some moneys towards that, too.<br />
I've not seen any mention of getting more than the minimum pocket money. All your expenses are taken care of, like any other member of the family.<br />
Wikipedia says (and other sites confirm) that "The majority of families also give their au pairs a monthly travel pass and other benefits such as a contribution to course fees" and the Au-pair society confirms that they are responsible for at least travel to and from language classes.

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