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Shoulder Steak (the poor man's London Broil), marinated overnight in Lawry's 'Steak and Chop' bottled stuff. Also have a foil wrapped pack of mushrooms, onions mixed with Worcester sauce and a drop of BBQ on the grill.

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ribs chicken and brisket, dry rub for most part then mop while smoking.....oh making me! don't forget to put on the sausage towards the before or anytime in between...

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My favorite meat to grill is ribeye steaks cut 3/4" to an Inch thick. I usually toss some kielbasa on with them and some corn on the cob, if it's in season.<br />
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On my smoker, I'll do turkey, Boston butt, ribs, chicken, fish, brisket or whatever else comes to mind. Low and slow is the way!!!

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