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like do you act more straight around heterosexual women, more butch-straight around heterosexual men... more gay around 100% gay identifying people. Or maybe the inverse of these examples? If so, do you think it is subconscious (like to fit in socially) or directly intentional for other reasons. Confused of what the deal is with a certain person - can't ask (probably wouldn't get a straight answer anyway : ).
felicityfoster1 felicityfoster1 26-30, F 2 Answers Dec 11, 2009

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Ask your friend if he has a girlfriend. . . . or boyfriend.

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Can't answer for the gay guys- but as a bisexual it seems as though one has to keep it to oneself. I have no problem holding hands or other affection displays with another man but if I am around straights that would be taboo.

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