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in california, if you work more than 8 hrs a day, its overtime. if you work more than 40 hrs a week, its overtime. your lunch doesn't count unless it is a paid lunch period.

example: you work for only 3 days but each day is a 10 hr day, you have 6 hrs overtime.

example: you work for 7 days straight but each day is only 6 hrs, you get 2 hrs overtime.

this does not include the contracts that work you for 10 hrs each day but for only 4 days. i only know these things because i have been a cashier for 15 years or so. lots of time to fight for my legal rights.

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Um, you can work 11 hours straight if you so desire... I knew someone at my last workplace... he... worked opening to closing three days straight.... he was there at 5am and didn't leave until 12:30am.... so... yeah... Just make sure the breaks you are supposed get, you do get.

There are companies who cheat their employees out of the extra break or two... by saying their lunch break... was in between two separate shifts... Mom sued the company... and... that company went... out of business... for some reason... probably all the law suits.

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Not sure what country or state your in, but generally yes you can. If you go over 40 hours per week you get overtime.

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San diego, Ca

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Ok, I'm in San Diego too. Yes you can, because your not a minor, and it's an at will state. The thing is to make sure you get overtime if you go over 40 hours per week. If you work say 33 hours in 11 hour shifts, you don't get overtime.

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